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Whanau First Aid Kete

Whanau First Aid Kete

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Contains our most popular 3 x 50 gram balms

1.Kawakawa and Manuka Balm- great for anything topically on the body- cuts, bruises, boils, eczema , psoriasis, skin rashes, lesions, insect bites, dermatitis, abrasions and much more

2.Ha Ki roto, ha Ki waho chest rub 50 gram - better than Vicks, highly antiviral and antibacterial. Contains the powerful Manuka and Kanuka, lavender to help sleep a better sleep and lift ones spirits, eucalyptus to help soothe chest congestion and breathe easier

3.Muscle Mahana Balm 50 gram Contains the powerful Tupakihi. Great for muscle pain, sports injuries, arthritis, rheumatism, helps heal and knot broken bones together. Great anti inflammatory and reduces swelling so perfect for aches and sprains

4.Kanuka Kreme pottle 5 gram More than a lip balm Highly antiviral, great for moisturising lips, cold sores, acne and insect bites

5. Relax your roro 10 gram eco glass roll on headache/migraine stick , contains pure essential oils of lavender, manuka and peppermint to help sooth headaches and migraines, relieve stress and anxiety and improve sleep